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Mouse Computer's LuvBook and m-Book laptops for Japan

Jeannie Choe

Mouse Computer's new LuvBook L and m-Book P series both sport a glossy 15.4-inch WXGA screen, but that's about all they have in common. The LuvBook L comes preloaded with Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium and offers a Celeron M or Core 2 Duo processor, 512MB to 1GB RAM, 40GB to 80GB hard drive, and CD-RW / DVD combo-drive or DVD multi-drive, with prices starting at ¥79,800 (about $674). The m-Book P's tote Windows Vista Premium / Ultimate, Core 2 Duo processors, 1GB RAM (with option for 2GB upgrade), 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go video card, DVD multi-drive, and 80GB to 120GB hard drive. The game-ready m-Book P series runs from ¥139,860 (about $1,180) to ¥169,050 (about $1,427). If you really want one, tack on another grand for the flight to Japan.

[Via Akihabara News]

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