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Today in Joystiq: February 28, 2007

Ross Miller

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Sure, they're all cute and adorable on their own, but when they join forces in the way doc18 has captured them, then we start fearing for our safety. Look into those eyes -- especially those of Link and the white Pikmin -- are they yearning to feast? Check out the highlights for today:

Metareview - SSX Blur
NYCC: Godzilla Wii eyes-on
NYCC: Pirates of the Burning Sea interview
Poll: How much are you playing Wii?

Sony hopes to resolve PS3 "shortages" by May
New Year's gaming gorge ends in death
PS3 firmware v1.54 adds UVC camera support
Sony unveils launch lineup for Euro PlayStation Network
Study finds correlation between violent scripture and aggression, similar to games
Namco Bandai announce Outpost Kaloki successor for Wii
Stuntman Ignition on PS3 & Xbox 360 in summer 2007
Rhode Island's gaming convention and the college gaming scene
Beatmania IIDX Gold to go on test in an American arcade
Wiicade opens up remote buttons for Flash games
PS2 held ransom for gas money
Warner Music acquires Microsoft game music rights
EA's pure 'Skate' campaign
Multiwinia: Darwinia goes multiplayer in 2008

Rumors & Speculation
PS3 background downloading already broken?
GDC director: PS3 owners will be "very happy" next week
Analyst: Developer profits to suffer until 2008
Is the 20GB PS3 already on its way out?

Culture & Community
Play The Impossible Quiz, lose your mind
Know your roots: The history of consoles (1972-2006)
News flash: Baseball players play baseball games
Six ways to revitalize your old Xbox

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