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Wiicade develops Wiimote API for Flash [update 1]


We get the feeling that the Wii browser game scene is about to get awesome, thanks to Wiicade, who were already agents of Wii browser awesomeness. Their new Application Programmer Interface allows Flash developers to easily make use of every button on the Wiimote in their Flash games, even allowing multiple simultaneous button presses while the pointer is in use.

In addition, Wiimote buttons can be mapped to keyboard keys, for PC-based testing and play. We're a little bit interested in the possible Flash-based applications that a simple API will encourage, but we're about the games!

What existing Flash games would you like to see ported to the Wii? What new homebrew opportunities do you see opening up here? Either tell us in the comments or get started!

[Update 1: the Wiicade API folks updated their example image for proper button placement, and we have updated accordingly.]
[Via press release]

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