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Behold: concept art for the Prince of Persia movie


ComingSoon has posted new images and concept art for several upcoming Disney films, almost all of which are likely to be adapted into stunningly derivative and altogether depressing video games. One of the movies, however, signifies the reverse situation of having been a game first -- a very good one, in fact. The cinematic adaptation of Ubisoft's acrobatically inclined Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, will be produced by Jerry "Needs More Splosions" Bruckheimer.

Check out some of the early concept images of the film while you agonize over the many ways in which Jerry can bring the franchise to ruin. Vin Diesel as the Prince? Explosive carriage chases? A soundtrack featuring Usher? A dark and angsty MySpace reimagining that has the protagonist fighting scantily clad warrior women? Wait, that last one sounds familiar somehow...

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