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Fujitsu P1610 tablet PC revamped with 3G HSDPA

Jeannie Choe

While the slick Lifebook Q2010 was Fujitsu's 3G HSPDA pioneer, most of its notebooks will soon feature the same connectivity, including the ultra-portable Lifebook P1610 tablet PC with embedded 3G WWAN. Aside from upgraded UMTS / HSDPA connectivity in addition to EDGE / GPRS / GSM and Bluetooth, the Windows Vista-ready P1610 still keeps previous specs like a 8.9-inch touch-screen LCD, Core Solo processor, 512MB - 1GB of RAM, and 80GB hdd. With a generous 4-hour battery life, the svelte 2.2-pound tablet just may cause a frenzy among on-the-go connection-hungry fiends.

[Via Core Duo News]

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