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Report: Blockbuster in talks to buy Movielink

Evan Blass

Ever since it began offering consumers the then-innovative option to have their DVD rentals delivered by US mail, Netflix has been a major pain in Blockbuster's ass. And just when the retail giant finally began to leverage its brick and mortar locations to offer its own online subscribers a sweeter deal, Netflix swoops in and announces it's Watch Now feature: free streaming flicks for all. So it didn't surprise us one bit to learn that the Wall Street Journal is reporting on talks between the rental stalwart and 'veteran' download service Movielink, a deal that, if closed, would give Blockbuster easy entry into the nascent and exciting world of internet-delivered video content. Giving some weight to this rumor is the fact that BB CEO John Antioco has already expressed interest in offering a so-called 'triple-play' -- wherein consumers can get their movies in-store, by mail, or online -- along with the ongoing pressure from investor and board member Carl Icahn to return the company to its glory days. Movielink -- which is jointly owned by the major studios -- is said to be on the table for only about $50 million, although its significance to Blockbuster is probably much greater than that valuation. Watch Now, TiVo with Unbox, BTEN, and now this potential pairing -- these are exciting times, people, and once all the dust settles in this battle to pwn digital downloading, it's the end who user who's gonna benefit most.

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