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Sony keeps the DAP love going: NW-E-series Walkman stick

Darren Murph

No sooner than Sony officially kicked out its long-awaited NW-A800 series of digital audio players, the firm is keeping the stream of new kit rolling right into March with the Walkman NW-E015F lineup. These 3.2- x 0.9- x 0.6-inch musical sticks shouldn't be too burdensome to even the weakest of individuals, and while it looks like you'll only locate these in that glossy black finish, there are a few options available nonetheless. Each version sports a full-color OLED display with three lines of text and CD cover support, USB connectivity, plays nice with ATRAC / MP3 / WAV / WMA, boasts ID3 tag support, lasts for 28-hours on a fully charged Li-ion cell, and weighs in at just 28 grams. The NW-E016 reportedly packs 4GB of space, while the NW-E015F sports 2GB of internal storage along with an FM tuner, and the NW-E013F gets stuck with a meager 1GB -- and for those who don't mind giving up the FM abilities, each version is available sans the "F." Unfortunately, Sony's not being as generous with regard to pricing and availability as it was with the A800s, but for everyone's sake, let's hope these pricetags are a bit more reasonable than the ones we saw earlier today.

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