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WoW Moviewatch: Nightmares Asylum vs. Hydross the Unstable


This video features the guild Nightmares Asylum (Smolderthorn-H), who I'm already annoyed at for not having an apostrophe in their name, taking down the first boss of Serpentshrine Cavern. A high-quality version of the video is available here. Note: high-quality version features guild chat that is apparently not safe for work or sanity.

Looks like an interesting (though long) fight. NA is the fifth guild in the world to kill Hydross -- the other four were Nihilum (EU-Magtheridon-H), Impervious (US-Stormreaver-A), Death and Taxes (US-Korgath-A), and For the Horde (EU-I Can't Read German Servers-What Do You Think.) Looks like Horde can't complain about being behind in progression anymore, eh?

Edited: I'm not sure about the raid frames, but it looks like he's using part of the AllDeuce UI, which I also use, for the lower part of his screen.

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