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Gotive teases "emotional," yet rugged communicator


Gotive may still be best known for its ridiculously large H42 PDA, but it looks like it's now trying to make up for that unintentionally hilarious device, starting a teaser campaign for a new, considerably smaller handheld set to be introduced at CeBIT later this month. Unlike most teaser campaigns, however, Gotive's spilling quite a few details on the device right out of the gate, revealing that it'll run on Windows CE 5.0 and pack an Intel Xscale PXA270 processor, 128MB RAM, and 256MB of flash memory, along with a built-in bar code reader, WLAN connectivity, and VoIP capablities. Most importantly, as you can see above, the device is not only "rugged with style" but has "emotional value added" -- and really, is there anything more can you ask for in a gadget?

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