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Meizu M6 Mini Player reaching 8GB soon

Darren Murph

We know, hearing "soon" just adds salt to the wound, but it looks like Meizu is upping the internal capacity of its not-quite-on-Apple's-interrogation-list M6 Mini Player to 8GB. According to users at MeizuMe, it has already hit the e-market (at least in the pre-order stage) for those in China, while speculation insists that Americans should see the roomier rendition within a month or so. Aside from the increased capaciousness, everything else looks to be on par with the previous versions, and while the standard package is currently listed for 999CNY (around $130), the "Deluxe" kit purportedly throws in a few extra accessories for an additional 151CNY ($19.51). Of course, we fully expect these prices to be a bit higher once sitting on American shelves, but they should still remain fairly competitive compared to the bevy of other options in the 8GB range.

[Via DAPReview]

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