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Logitech Harmony 1000 review roundup

Ben Drawbaugh

The Harmony line for Logitech has continued to please, and based on the reviews of the latest addition to the family, the 1000 is no different. The reviews raved about the performance for the price and we can see why: $499 for a touch screen remote certainly sets it apart from its competitors. Remote Shoppe points out that the Harmony 1000 is also much easier to program than other touch screen remotes and that Photoshop skills are not required to produce a great looking interface, but while the Harmony 1000 is easy to program, it also isn't as customizable as those other touch screen remotes. CNET warns that if you are used to a wand style remote, that the horizontal nature of the Harmony 1000 takes some getting used to. The worst part seems to be battery life, CNET forgot to dock it one night, only to find it was dead the next day when they were ready to use it.

- CNET (7.7/10)
Read - Remote Shoppe

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