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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: poison mushroom edition

Ross Miller

Last week we got a little bit bloated and decided to sign up for a crash diet. We now welcome you to the smaller, most lightweight webcomic wrapup!

For those who did not make the wrapup today, especially the avid supporters who are continuously letting us know of their comic updates, know that we still love you as we love all of our children, but that this week we wanted to go from one extreme to the other in search of that happy medium. It's nothing personal and you don't look fat in that dress.

Here are our picks, however few, for the week's best webcomic, be sure to vote for your favorite!

So long, King Bowser (part one, two)
It's a Sony world and we're just living with it
Smooth moves *
Unicorns and kittens (guest strip)
Analyze this
TurboGrafx still has a chance
In loving memory of the Crate Review System
Procured spoon

* Note: followers of the wrapup might find this strip familiar to a Fanboys Online strip from some time back. It's not plagiarism, it's just a broad and easy-to-satire subject matter. [Update: Fanboys Online Scott has written a great piece defending VG Cats Scott in the comments below. Also, take note of Level 99's similar joke and VG Cats' own public admittance of the coincidence, as well as an explanation as to why this week's comic replaced the Lost Planet gag.]

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