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Hoshigami coming to DS


Strategy RPG's seem like a natural fit for stylus controls, which is one reason we're glad to see Hoshigami coming to the DS. Another reason is that we missed it back on the Playstation when it came out in 2001, and we want to try again to like SRPG's.* Maybe we'll like them better on a cool console?

It's somewhat more likely, since in addition to stylus control, the new Hoshigami has wireless item trading. Importers will be able to make their own decision on May 24th.

*It's ... a thing we do. We'll buy or rent a strategy game, and then just won't get it, return it, and try again a year later. We're going to look real hard at the screens after the break and think about whether we want to try again.

[Thanks, Steven!]

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