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TUAW Desktop of the Week for 3/04 - 3/10/07

David Chartier

Our TUAW Desktop of the Week didn't make the cut because of some wild assortment of applications or montage of interestingness. No, this week we decided to keep it simple and old school with think different from Flickr user 1000things (though the roaming ladybug is a nice, yet weird, touch). The old-school Apple logo is keeping it real front and center, while the 'think different' writing actually belongs to 1000things herself. Don't adjust your ColorSync settings, however - the black appearance of the menubar and iTunes are courtesy of Unsanity's Shapeshifter, an app that can skin Mac OS X with new colors, icons and styles.

If you'd like to see your unique, functional or otherwise interesting desktop featured in our TUAW Desktops of the Week series, check out past featured desktops as well as the original post for the rules and to get an idea of what we're looking for. Then, upload your desktop screenshot to our TUAW Desktops Flickr group. We'll feature one or more desktops each weekend, giving credit to the desktop owner, wallpaper creator and any apps featured in the screenshot (if available). Keep those desktops rolling in!

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