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9000 Switchers a Day?

Mat Lu

I've never been one to fixate on the whole market-share question, but several reports are pointing to increasingly good results for Apple's core Mac business. From over at MacDailyNews comes word that the February numbers from Net Applications have the Mac up to a 6.38% share for February, a rise of 2.05 percentage points (i.e. an increase of around 47%) since just last August (the numbers are based on visits to a network of websites). Glen Fleishman at TidBITS repeats an analyst's speculation that the total number of Mac users will shortly hit 22 million. Finally, Tom Yager at InfoWorld suggests that by his calculations there are around 9,000 new switchers per day. So he's decided to set up a little experiment to see "what happens when you leave a professional Windows user alone with a Mac." He has set up a long-time Windows user with a MacBook and a copy of Parallels, and he's going to report how she reacts. "Will she resist? Or will she make the switch? Stay tuned."

Personally, I'm just happy that the market is expanding because that can't help but benefit the long-term Mac user base as well. It's hard not to be optimistic and think that even more happy days are here for the Mac. And with Leopard just around the corner, it's only going to get better. So welcome to a new day you latest 9000, it's good to have you on board.

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