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Giving into iPod

A recent story over at the Sun Chronicle points out one of the biggest issues facing new iPod owners: stacks of unripped CDs and the unrealistic expectations that go along with your music library. Owning a new iPod shouldn't be a burden. Here are a few quick tips to ease your adjustment to iPod.

Give yourself time. You didn't buy your entire library all at once, so why should you feel you have to load your iPod at all once? Throttle back your expectations and grow your iTunes collection a little bit at a time.

An incomplete library doesn't mean failure. You don't have to rip your entire CD collection in order to enjoy your iPod. Remember that you can only listen to a single song at a time.

Don't feel tied to your older music. People grow and change. The CDs you bought a decade or two ago might help you connect to your past but if your musical tastes have changed over time, allow yourself to buy new tracks without feeling obligated to your older collection. No one will be checking in on you to make sure all those 80's and 90's CDs got digitized.

Explore. One of the great things about iTunes is that you can taste new music without commitment. Check out the charts. Listen to the free 30-second samples. And don't forget that every Tuesday, iTunes offers free tracks that might lead you to find new artists and styles to enjoy on your iPod.

Think different. If your CD collection is just too much of a burden to face, you can enjoy any number of free podcasts on your new iPod and if you own a 5G or newer unit, you can use it to watch TV and movies as well. The iPod does not begin or end with music.

iPods shouldn't remain wrapped and unused on a coffee table like Lauren Carter's does. What are your tips for overwhelmed new iPod users?

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