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Microsoft embiggens memory unit, XBLA game size [update 1]

Kyle Orland

Core owners rejoice. Microsoft today announced they'll be releasing a beefier, 512MB memory unit for all those hard-drive-less Xbox 360s on April 3 for $49.99. The old, 256MB 64MB unit will simultaneously be reduced from $39.99 to $29.99.

The new, bigger unit will also come pre-loaded with XBLA classic Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, proving that old XBLA games don't die, they just become free pack-ins. Speaking of Xbox Live Arcade, what was once an exception is now a rule: Microsoft has officially upped the maximum size for its downloadable games service from 50MB to 150MB.

While it's nice to see Microsoft paying attention to its value-priced hardware option, we can't help but feel the premium edition is still the way to go. For the price of two 512MB memory units you can get 20 times the storage in a noisy hard drive, plus extras like a wireless controller. As far as value per gaming dollar is concerned, a little extra cash goes a long way here.

[Update: Fixed the size of the current unit. Thanks commenters.]

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