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More claims of cracked Zune screens


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While earlier reports of Zune screens cracking from battery pressure didn't exactly prove to be widespread, that hasn't stopped others from supposedly finding new cracks of a different sort, although the cause of them remains unclear. As the shot above courtesy of shows, at least one of the cracks appears to have occurred on the LCD panel itself, with the Zune's screen protector remaining intact, which would seem to preclude damage as a result of direct impact. What's more, according to Cliczune, another of its readers reported hearing a popping noise just before their screen cracked, and yet another reportedly sent their cracked Zune back to Microsoft for repairs, only to have the newly replaced screen crack a week later. That said, the problems still appear to be relatively few and far between, so if anyone's had some unfortunate Zune experiences of their own, feel free to let us know about 'em.

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