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Armory + Signature Generator = AWESOME!

Paul Sherrard

Now that everyone you know is looking at your stats in the Armory anyway, isn't it time you showed off your character in whatever online forum you happen to take part in? From guild forums to public bulletin boards, there's always room for a fun, graphical signature. Just look at mine, above. It has my mean Draenei face, some lightning bolts, and even my awesomely hardcore (ha ha ha ha ha) stats.

Head on over to to get your very own signature image, which you can download to your desktop, then upload to your favorite forum hangout. You can get it in PvP and PvE flavors, in a variety of colors and backgrounds.

It's not perfect, as Skew was complaining to me earlier that the Shaman tag doesn't show stats meaningful to enhancement shammies. Any other stats it's not showing that you'd like to see?

What are you using as a signature in the forums now, and do you see a little tool like this to be as handy as I found it?

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