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Samsung Q1P UMPC gets Vista-fied

Evan Blass

So aside from Kevin and James over at jkOnTheRun, we're not sure how many folks are going to be delighted to learn that Samsung's Q1P UMPC is now all Vista-certified (it still ships with the same rather anemic hardware, however), but sometimes you just gotta throw a bone to the hardcore "ultranauts." Not much to say about the 1.7-pound, 7-inch Q1P that you didn't already know, but to fill a little space we'll regurgitate the specs for the umpteenth time: 1.0GHz Pentium ULV processor, 60GB HDD, 1GB of RAM (not bad!), Bluetooth, WiFi, and of course integrated graphics. The biggest plus for Vista Q1P users -- besides the upgraded pen input -- will probably be Origami Experience, a launcher / media player that strives to polish up the interface and further differentiate the UMPC from PDA's and full-size tablets. As usual, $1,300 is the sticker price for this model, which is available immediately with its new Vista flava.

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