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Creative's first "Made for iPod" speaker docks


Although Creative gave us a peep at their wireless Xdock iPod accessory at CES, they've come up visibly short in delivering Made for iPod gear as agreed in their settlement with Apple back in August. Today, however, Creative is making amends by kicking out modified TravelSound and PlayDock speaker docks with real iPod docking action. There's nothing new here of course, the PlayDock i500 ("i" for you know what) and TravelSound I are just the PlayDock z500 ("z" for Zen, natch) and TravelSound ZEN V all gussied-up with a "Made for iPod" logo and iPod dock connector -- which isn't a bad thing. Still, Creative will have to sell a lot of these when they hit later this month (in Japan anyway) for Apple's cut to offset the $100m they paid out to Creative. Isn't litigation fun?

[Via Impress]

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