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Earthworm Jim finally coming back? Groovy.

Nick Doerr

Probably some of the most inventive, off-the-wall crap to come out on the SNES were the Earthworm Jim titles. Nothing could give the sense of high-octane shootin' action as well as some of the most insane humor found in video games of their day. Well, in another interview with former Shiny boss Dave Perry, it seems the worm-in-a-suit will be coming back for more.

Perry said the entire team behind the games had reformed: "We reformed the (Earthworm Jim) team and they were all into it. Trust me, all the original Earthworm Jim guys are still very interested in the whole idea; just know that it'll happen eventually." Eventually, indeed. The last one to grace consoles on the N64 was delayed so many times people thought that was actually the game -- waiting. We don't know anything else. No consoles declared, no details... just that it'll happen eventually. Groovy.

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