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Live for Windows priced, XBL accounts confirmed to work on Vista

Ross Miller

Microsoft revealed yesterday the pricing for Live for Windows, the Vista equivalent to Xbox Live. The pricing plan is identical to Xbox Live: a Silver membership will be free and Gold will cost you either $8 for one month, $20 for three months or $50 for a full year, according to Game Informer.

Appropriately, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to use their accounts to enjoy the Live for Windows features on their home PCs (and presumably vice versa). Some casual games and Halo 2 for Vista will reportedly add to your gamerscore. We don't have any details on how exactly gamers will benefit from a Gold account over a Silver one (other than Shadowrun cross-platform play), but hopefully Microsoft will stick to the modus operandi of PC gaming and keep non-MMOs free to play online multiplayer.

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