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Nokia N77 passes FCC -- DVB-H and all

Chris Ziegler

Not to suggest there's any... oh, you know, "service" you can subscribe to in these parts that rocks mobile TV over the DVB-H airwaves, but an FCC approval is always a good sign -- and the presence of an upstart service provider working its rear off to get picked up by a carrier always helps, too. The 3.5mm jack-sportin', S60-havin' N77 from Nokia is the latest DVB-H equipped handset to get signed off by the FCC, and while we don't have any word of a GSM 850, UMTS 850 / 1900 version floating around, we can't help but hope that an eventual Modeo success could lead to phones like this magically gaining bands; until then, we'll just be tooling around with our Foreseers.

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