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Adidas_1 DLX Runner updated, less fugly

Jeannie Choe

Adidas has decided to expand its line of "smart" shoes with the Adidas_1 DLX Runners. Even though these shiny new versions might look and perform better than the first iteration, they still won't tear us away from our desks -- of course, exercise isn't exactly our bag (unless you count typing as a work out). Regardless of how horrid they appeared, we must admit that the originals performed as advertised, using an embedded microprocessor, motor, and sensor to automatically adjust cushioning to the ideal level by sensing shifts in pace and movement. The new DLX Runners sport a lighter motor mechanism and customize to each individual's needs more effectively by recognizing running style and remembering personal requirements. Most importantly, they actually look like normal shoes and less like miniature spaceships. These hi-tech trainers are all yours for a steep £149 (about $288), but we're still not convinced (you know, since we jog every morning) that expensive 'puter-shoes are necessary for a good run.

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