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Apple RFID networking in the works

Jeannie Choe

Yeah yeah, we're tired of all the RFID passport hype -- how about something useful that actually provides some kind of security? Well it looks like Apple might do RFID tech some justice with its new RFID Network Arrangement patent that was posted today. The base station (a wireless networking device like an Airport Express or Extreme) holds an RFID transceiver, while other wireless network devices to be connected have RFID tags. When the two come within close proximity of each other, information is exchanged even if the device is powered off. After it's powered on the device then reads the data to establish a limited connection that's used to exchange authentication and encryption parameters that will establish a sweet secure network connection without having to manually enter a passkey. We're pumped to see what Apple actually does with these new developments, and more specifically, what new / existing products will sport the tags -- but if you're adamantly anti-RFID, feel free to go hang out with these guys.

[Via Unwired View]

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