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AT&T's QWERTY-equipped SMT5700 drops by FCC

Chris Ziegler

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Whoa, what do we have here? First up, this is the first smartphone (thought not the first phone) we've seen with the new AT&T branding. Second, this is the first partnership of which we're aware between China's Amoi and an American carrier. Third -- and perhaps most importantly -- the QWERTY-equipped Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone evokes the storied "SMT" model series which long ago served up the original AT&T Wireless' SMT5600, considered by some to be the first truly usable Smartphone device sold stateside, though the addition of the full keypad on the 5700 puts it in a slightly different category. We're not solid on specs here, but it'll have a 2 megapixel cam, microSD expansion, and we're guessing data will top out at EDGE (though we're obviously hoping for more); the user's manual here depicts Windows Mobile 5, but slipping in an upgrade to 6 Standard would be a pretty trivial process. As usual, the presence of the device doesn't mean much for a release date, but with the QWERTY market getting more saturated almost daily, we reckon time is of the essence here.

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