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Epic threatens to curb stomp fan for Gears of War 'Munny' doll


Emilio Lopez's custom Gears of War doll certainly appears professionally made -- enough so that we expressed a desire to see it manufactured and sold at retail. The doll even came in a mock retail box when Emilio presented it to his cousin as a Christmas gift. But, like any other do-it-yourself Munny doll, Emilio's creation is merely a personal homage to Epic's game; not a mischievous business venture. Nevertheless, when Epic and its legal hounds caught wind of the doll, they issued a cease and desist order, claiming Emilio's creation is an unauthorized use of Epic's trademarks. Epic has requested that all trademarks be removed from the doll, packaging, and Emilio's website. Ironically, the logos Emilio used were apparently taken from a fansite pack that Epic had issued. C'mon Epic dudes, please, back off.

[Thanks, Hugbees]

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