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LicenseKeeper tracks your serial number collection


The crew at Outer Level (developers of the kid-friendly, bug-chomping game Bullfrog) apparently have a problem in common with me, and plenty of other Mac users: too many software license codes and no system for organizing them. Excel and FileMaker, too bulky; flat text files, too plain; leave them in email and let Spotlight sort them out... tempting... but no. Enter LicenseKeeper, a $20 solution to this age-old challenge.

LicenseKeeper 1.0 will let you type or copy in your registration info, sure -- but it's also prepared to keep track of vendor website URLs, support email addresses, and lots of the other bitsies that tend to go missing when you need them. It will import directly from and scan for serial numbers in the inbound registration message (a killer feature if you use Mail; I'm waiting for the equivalent Entourage capability). You can even attach files to the serial number records. A downloadable demo will handle up to five license records and three attachments each before asking you to pay up.

There are two other options for this task that I haven't mentioned so far: a general snippet organizer like Yojimbo or KIT, or a free license tracker like Licensed. Either path might work for you if LicenseKeeper isn't to your taste.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

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