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Spielberg working on Wii game with EA

Jason Wishnov

EA and Steven Spielberg had recently announced a collaboration to publish three games with authoritative control from the directing superstar. Recently, after Spielberg got totally owned in Wii Tennis after seeing the success and potential of the Wii platform, one of these three was announced to be Nintendo-bound.

EA Los Angeles Veep Neil Young revealed in a recent interview that one of the projects, produced by Lou Castle, is coming to the Wii and is "very exciting and interesting". This could not even theoretically be a more generic statement, but this is E.T.-phone-home-guy we're talking about, here. Also, the article mentioned that Spielberg actually spends several hours a week actually going to the production studios and working directly with the staff, as opposed to simply signing a few papers and being done with it. Hopefully, this is cinematic gaming done right.

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