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AT&T bringing wrestling to mobile phones

Brian White

If you're bustin' to get that jumpin'-off-the-ring wrestling action anywhere you are, you're about to be in luck. That is, if you're an AT&T wireless customer. In a paradoxically odd way, the larger-than-life pro wresting stars of WrestleMania and other pro wrestling shows are about to land hard on that 2 inch cellphone screen. What will the content be? For starters, graphics ($1.99 each) and videos featuring wrestling stars, ringtones with wrestler's voices ($2.49 each) and updates from weekly matches and the like -- just don't let that wrestling scream ringtone out on a Honolulu bus. Even select World Wrestling videos will be on tap as part of AT&T's media service offering at $20/month. And, of course, the cherry on the parfait will be a premium WrestleMania video package for $4.99 a month extra. Let's get ready to rumble.

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