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BetterLight intros 416-megapixel digital camera back


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Never one to let a pixel go unused, digital imaging company BetterLight has raised the bar on ridiculously high-resolution cameras yet again, busting out its new top-end, 416-megapixel Super10K-HS model at the big PMA trade show. Like the company's other mega megapixel wonders, the Super10K-HS isn't a digital camera itself, but a so-called "scanning back" that attaches to high-end, large-format cameras for tasks like photographing paintings (as seen above) and other stationary objects. They need to be stationary 'cause shooting a single photo at the full 416-megapixel resolution takes upwards of two minutes, effectively working more like a scanner than a digital camera. Once it's finished, however, you've got a 10,200 x 13,600 pixel image to do as you please with, clocking in at a file size of about 794MB. Anyone remotely considering getting one had better start saving up (or working on a pitch for the boss), with this monster set to demand a hefty $22,995 when it's released at the end of the month.

[Via Crave]

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