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Epic demands: quit making Gears dolls

Dustin Burg

Back in January we reported on Emilio Lopez's custom Gears of War Munny doll that he made for his cousin as a Christmas present. And we still think that big headed Marcus doll rocks. Anyway, it looks like Epic Games' legal counsel took notice and sent Emilio a cease and desist order demanding that he quit making the dolls and remove all logos that infringe on their Gears of War trademark. The cease and desist order goes on to read,

"Your unauthorized use of the Gears of War trademarks falsely suggests sponsorship or affiliation between Epic and you and constitutes an attempt by you to trade off the goodwill of the Gears of War trademark."

Wait, we thought he was making a Christmas gift for his little cousin? Emilio never sold the doll, never made a penny off of it, and only created one as a gift. He was proud of his work and wanted to share it with the Gears community and nothing more. Come on Epic, we know you are much cooler than that as this seems just a little too corporate for even a company like EA. Was this whole cease and desist thing really necessary?

[Via Something Awful, Thanks, Didlee]

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