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FlashFog foils auto theft attempts with rave supplies

Jeannie Choe

While it'd be tempting to use FlashFog's dance party-style rig of billowing fog and strobe lights to throw an instant rave, you may want to save it for when someone tries to jack your ride. The anti-theft device is triggered just like traditional car alarms, but substitutes repetitive sirens with a combination strobe and dense fog effect, sending burglars running (to the nearest club?) "in less than 20 seconds." If the perp's already inside when he sets off the system, he'll be greeted with a "terrifyingly bright" strobe flashing twelve times each second, "forcing his eyes into constant shock." Just make sure you don't accidentally set off the alarm yourself, especially if you have be somewhere on time. The fog takes 45 minutes to clear out, but on the bright side it won't kill you or ruin your clothes since FlashFog is nontoxic and leaves no residue.

[Via, Wired]

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