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Hands-on with Panasonic's SDR-S10 camcorder

Ryan Block, @ryan

Panasonic had a rather elaborate little stones-and-running-water display for their SDR-S10 at their PMA booth, but we have to say, we were a little bummed. By the camera, that is, not the display. Despite being the "world's smallest" SDHC camcorder, turns out it's actually far larger than we originally imagined; and we weren't won over by the fact that actually holding and using it is pretty awkward (there's a reason most SD-using camcorders are not horizontally oriented -- they don't need to be!), and the fact that it feels pretty cheap and plasticy, especially for typically very solid-feeling Panny products. Not unlike the Canon TX1, this is a new release that we were initially very interested in, but as it turns out we just wound up a bit disappointed once we got to manhandle the thing.

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