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How to Pick Up Women, WoW Style

Mike Schramm

Reader Sylythn dropped this in our comment box, and we thank him for it: Jahan from Firetree has written a guide on the forums called "How to Pick Up Women, WoW Style." For males out there (or females, I assume, with just a few modifications) that can control aggro in any 5-man instance, but can't get a date, this is the guide for you.

Unfortunately the guide itself is too long for me to reprint here (sorry, those of you at work, you'll just have to come back and visit us this weekend), but it provides some general tips for making sure the "loot drops." Jahan has set up a strategy where, when pulling women in groups of 2 or more, the offtank is able to take aggro on the trash mob, leaving the main tank to engage the primary target. A rogue may come for larger groups, and his strategy is to, if possible, pull the secondary boss off, vanish away in his separate car, and collect his own loot drop. If you know what we mean.

And after the bar instance has been run, Jahan has another guide: How to Date, WoW Style. It covers such topics as buffs necessary for the dating encounter (I can personally recommend the Just Paid and Old Spice buffs), and what to do to get through the Restaurant Phase, the Movie Phase, and the all-important last 20% (you'll want to pour on DPS, but watch that aggro).

Both guides are great stuff. Can't wait to see his next guide on Heroic Mode dating, which I'm guessing involves a special ring just to get attuned.

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