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Rumor mill churns out two possible Sony Ericsson handsets


From the land of blurry pics and dodgy fan renderings come these two potential gems. Engadget Chinese posted these pics today right under a pic of a couple pairs of iPhone panties – no, seriously, we can't make this kind of thing up. The specimen on the left is allegedly codenamed "Sneff" -- though worthy of note is that a moderator at SEworld (see left pic watermark) has the same name, so take from that what you will. The device lacks any visible keyboard, so we are guessing that it boasts a touchscreen or is hiding a sliding keyboard or both. Could this be a hint of what the next Sony Ericsson smartphone design might look like? The more-believable-because-it-is-blurry cellphone on the right is tapped as the W750, it does indeed share some design features with the recently announced W880 but even money is on complete fabrication. CeBIT may offer some answers as early as next week, and if not there is always CTIA.

[Via Endadget Chinese]

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