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Agfa joins the PMA action, unveils DC-630i point-and-shoot

Darren Murph

We know, the PMA blitz really turns the bevy of digicams into one big pixelated blur, but Agfa is trying to steal a little attention with its relatively uninspiring DC-630i. The new compact marks the firm's first point-and-shoot with "integrated face-tracking technology," which allows up to three faces to be automatically detected along with optimal focus / exposure selections. Inside the black plastic casing lies a six-megapixel CCD sensor, adjustable image / exposure modes, and a 2.5-inch LCD monitor; additionally, users should also enjoy the SDHC compatibility, 3x optical zoom, 640 x 480 video mode, and video-out. While you're not likely to get overwhelmed with the simplistic button setup, you will need a few extra AA cells if you're looking to shoot all day, and at 128-grams it shouldn't weigh you down all that much. Still, there's not an awful lot to get excited about here, but the $169 pricetag you can expect to see come April is at least somewhat in line with the middle-of-the-road feature set.

[Via PMA Show]

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