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Asus EcoBook touts bamboo casing

Darren Murph

Green is most definitely in, and while LG is out crafting environmentally friendly big screens, Asus is stretching for the eco-minded set with its dashing EcoBook. Getting a bit of hands-on action, CNET was able to grab hold of Asus' bamboo-clad laptop long enough to catch jungle fever, but sadly, we've absolutely no idea what type of potency lies beneath the forest hood. Of course, with such a conservative message, we fully expect a ridiculously long battery life and a ULV processor, and true road warriors should probably invest in a decent humidifier to carry along in your laptop bag. It was noted that a good bit of thought went into the design, as the enclosure features interchangeable (and biodegradable) panels (pictured after the break), silver keyboard / trackpad, and a nifty PowerGear performance button, and considering all the experience Asus has in coating portables with materials other than plastic, we're sure the final product will be up to snuff whenever it decides to land.

[Via Techie Diva]

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