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Keepin' it real fake, part XLIX: hangin' with "Sang" Ericsson

Brian White

In the latest mobile installment of Keepin' it real fake, we lavished our attention on one of the most revealing fake mobile concepts in a while -- the "Sang Ericsson" handset that looks an awful lot like the freakish offspring if the official Sony Ericsson M600i and the W950i handsets were to bump uglies. That being said, the image at the top reveals what appears to be ugly chiclet, super-glued number keys and some kind of chrome navigation pad or joystick, along with that insanely beautiful "Sang Ericsson" at the top and those little Palm Zire-like built-in icon softkeys on the screen. Now, at least the "Nokir" E828 that looks surprisingly like an actual Nokia handset (yes, actual Nokia model N73) only changed one letter to remain fake off the Nokia name. Sang Ericsson changed two letters from Sony Ericsson. We have a winner!

[Thanks, Staska]

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