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Mario + Disney = Mushroom Kingdom Hearts


The April issue of EGM lands on newstands March 13, but the folks at Obvious Diversion have already sampled the goods. The big "news" is Mushroom Kingdom Hearts for Wii. According to the magazine that never lies, it's Kingdom Hearts sans Final Fantasy characters with Nintendo's Mushroom Kingdom folk in their stead. Over 41 characters will be featured in the game that's set to make more money than the Sultan of Brunei could ever dream of.

EGM's April issue is a famous launching ground for concepts that seem too good to be true. Remember how excited we were when the realistic Wind Waker remake was announced? Wait. That was an April Fools joke? Think what you may, but EGM hasn't officially confirmed Mushroom Kingdom Hearts as a prank. You might want to place a pre-order this weekend. Go ahead, we dare you.

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