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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: now in Cockney!

Ross Miller

Thanks to our friends at The Dialectizer, we can now bring the webcomic wrapup to you in a manner that is totally not offensive to those with a Cockney dialect. Without further ado,

Wotcher. I'll get out me spoons. We 'ave some webcomics 'ere ter show yer if yer ain't too tired from the Game Developers Conference like we are. Jet lag sucks.

Wiv nuffink said and evryfink ter go, right, check out us picks for the bloomin' Mae West gamin' webcomic. Be sure ter vote for yor favorite! Right!

So long, King Bowser (Part IV)
Meanwhile, at dinner ...
Karma sucks
Mario Too
Sketches from GDC
If Martha Stewart was a gaming chick
Purple Ninja vs. Hantavirus
How awesome? So awesome
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