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E3 invites, what's the logic?


As we wrap up our GDC coverage this weekend, it's time to talk about the min-E3. The E3 Media and Business Summit, better known as the E3 five lucky children will attend, is now a few months away. This week some journalists received their invites -- many did not.

Australian blogger Jason Hill originally had a piece about how the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia didn't receive tickets. After writing the story Hill received his golden ticket. The ESA told Hill, "It is entirely up to participating companies to decide whom to invite to the event. Thus, if anyone calls ESA to ask for 'tickets' to the event, that's what they will be told."

From the anecdotal information we've received so far, it's a total toss-up as to which outlets are bestowed invites and the number of invitations they are receiving. More information is sure to flow about this issue starting next week.

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