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Smallbone remote controlled cabinet lock fends off hungry invaders

Darren Murph

Chances are fairly high that you've perused the foodstuff located in your pal's cupboards a time or two whilst hanging out at his / her domicile, but if you've swiped a few too many precious cookies in your day, the next bash could leave you high and dry. Giving stocked cabinet owners a right to maintain their non-perishable goods when dozens of roaming individuals are scouting out free food, Smallbone of Devizes is offering up a remote-controlled cabinet lock to keep that Cheetos stockpile away from grubby hands. The system installs a steel prong within the cupboard doors that can be automatically locked and unlocked in much the same fashion as a keyless entry system on modern vehicles, and aside from a general lock / unlock all function, it can be programmed to work with multiple receivers for selective locking in case you're willing to give your contracted chef unadulterated access to the Ginsu drawer. Still, the confines of your kitchen cabinets better hold some seriously valuable delicacies, as each installed lock will run you just about $650 on new Smallbone cabinetry.

[Via ShinyShiny]

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