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Early peek at Sprint's Samsung M510 and Sanyo 7050


Word is that the Samsung M510 and Sanyo 7050 will be in your favorite bricks and mortar Sprint shop in April. That puts them out in the wild one month before the roadmap info we have -- so call it a case of tipsters vs. Sprint, if you will. While device details are thin, neither is expected to blow it out with bells and whistles or break the bank. We do know that the M500's replacement, the M510 is packin' EV-DO -- though word is tethering might be tough as the trick to disable NAI (Network Address Identifier) is missing -- and will rock your pocket in either blue or red. The Sanyo 7050 pushes the Sanyo 7000 off the shelf, and while lovely in its GPS blinkin', mil-spec rugged way, EV-DO is lacking and it mostly seems a case of same old, same old.

[Thanks, Tim S.]

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