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MacBook catches fire Down Under

Evan Blass

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Just when you thought we were done with those sensational photos of burned out laptop husks and smoking keyboards, along comes an Australian MacBook to resuscitate this dying meme. Normally we wouldn't even bother posting yet another set of these pics -- after all, recalls have been issued, apologies have been offered, and we've all moved on to complaining about other stuff, right? -- but the fact that this particular Mac's battery was reportedly not on any recall list is just a little bit worrisome. According to MacTalk forum member mattyb, he and his girlfriend were awakened around 3:00 A.M. Sunday night by the smell of smoke, which they quickly traced to a smoldering MacBook and the magazines it had set ablaze. It's clear from the images who the culprit is here, and sure enough, Matty claims that his battery had been acting flaky and draining more quickly than usual for the past few weeks. As much as we hope that this is some isolated incident which won't force the lucky ones from Recall Round One to lose precious computing time, we'd rather transition to our desktop for a few weeks instead of waking up to an apartment full of flames and a crispy hard drive. Keep reading for a close up of the disconcerting damage from Down Under...

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