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The biggest HOME Q&A you could ask for!

Nick Doerr

A reader was clever enough to look up this Third-Party Relations Q&A from Sony aimed at explaining HOME to developers. The PDF is pretty lengthy, so even our mad listing abilities wouldn't do a good job at narrowing down the material. It's all good. We'll reiterate some of the basics and if you want to find some of the lesser-known details, peruse the document to your heart's content.

  • HOME is making its way to the PSP and Mobile devices in the future.
  • Along with an integrated friend's list, you can move instantaneously across HOME's "World Map", or walk on foot if you'd please.
  • User-created content will be fun and all, but don't forget that you can auction off your HOME-related goods and your user-created content to gain "revenue" (we're not sure if this is real money or play money... probably play money, unless Sony really wants to generate a virtual economy)
  • Your choice of music can be "played" in your personal space, but it can't be given or shared with others.
  • Avatars will only resemble adults and not children (so no kiddie-seduction, those of you who have such issues)
  • Your "Private Space" is just that -- private. Do whatever you want. Also, only people on your buddy list may enter your Private Space.
  • Retailers can have their own lobbies for commercial operations -- also, advertising will play a large part in keeping HOME free. If you roam around on foot, expect billboards for Verizon or something.

That's about the most basic rundown of what to expect. Like we said, check out the PDF if you really want to see if a certain thing is covered. There's no more complete guide out there.
[Thanks, Chris!]

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