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ThermalTake's gawdy iFlash+ PC fan reviewed

Evan Blass

So we recently threw together a little rig of our own, and though we made sure to toss in at least four fans for keeping everything nice and cool, we has no idea that for a lot more money we could get ones that pull double duty as obnoxious billboards for flashing the internal temperature. So would we have done things differently had we known about ThermalTake's iFlash+ 120mm model with built-in POV (persistence of vision) display? Of course not, don't be silly. But for those of you who take pride in shlocking up your case mods as much as possible, Dark Vision Hardware reports that the iFlash+ does indeed live up to the hype, basically giving you the performance of ThermalTake's TT-1225A coupled with a bright, readable, and mostly pointless bit of ambient information. Reviewer Thomas gives the lively air mover a nine out of ten rating, harshing on it only for its curious but rather minor omission of a Fahrenheit mode (i.e. all temps are shown in Celsius). Still, you're not spending triple the price of a regular fan because of your need for real-time, completely accurate data anyway, so it's probably best to say that this product will be most pleasing to anyone who would actually consider buying it. If that's you, make sure to check out the vid after the break...

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