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Blue Notes: Seduction, Pet Health, and Old Hillsbrad

Eliah Hecht

Crowd control is an important part of the BC instances, especially heroics, more so than it was in the old world. Polymorph, sap, banish, and shackle all play their part, but up till now Seduce has not been very usable in Heroic-mode instances. Set for a change, this is. Thus spake Tigole:

In an upcoming content patch (2.1.0) Warlocks will be able to use their succubus to seduce many humanoid creatures which are currently immune to charm effects.

To clarify, the creatures do too much damage to allow them to be charmed (whether it be by a priest or by an engineer). Seducing them does not threaten the balance of the dungeon.

This will mostly effect heroics. And it only makes things able to be seduced -- it doesn't make anything immune to mind control that was previously charmable. It's not a nerf for priests. It's a bonus for Warlocks.

That makes some sense of why these mobs were no-seduce, too. And, as a healer, if there's one thing I love more than mana, it's crowd control.

Moving on, some players, myself included, have found that pet health bars are often stuck at full, even when the pet loses health, thus rendering it very difficult to monitor said pets' health. Though naysayers blame this on AddOns, the usual scapegoat for UI glitches, it turns out this was an actual game bug, and was hotfixed; the fix will apply next time your realm restarts. Tseric:

Party members should now see pet health bars update properly. This hotfix will take effect after a realm is restarted following the hotfix's deployment.

Several issues in Serpentshrine Cavern have been corrected. The Lurker Below should always spawn.

Finally, a player suggests adding more quests, possibly solo or small-group, to Old Hillsbrad in the Caverns of Time. I think that's a great idea, since I love the zone, and evidently Blizzard agrees. From Tigole again:

We'd love to add more quests to this zone. Hopefully, time will permit in the future.

We have some pretty cool ideas for Caverns of Time.

They've hinted at CoT expansions before; maybe that'll be the focus of 2.2. That's obviously too far off to have a hope of making accurate speculations, but...that's never stopped me before! For the second WoW expansion, by the way, i predict that all classes will be given a fourth talent tree. You heard it here first, folks.

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