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Denis Dyack shows he is only 'Too Human'


Too Human to outside observers is slowly becoming the Duke Nukem Forever of the Xbox 360. After making a -- oh, how to put it kindly -- laggy presentation at the last E3, it went MIA for X06 and *poof* Too Human was gone.

Now Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack has allegedly made a statement following a heated NeoGAF thread about another Too Human delay. Dyack says, "I am sorry to see not much has changed here on the GAF. There should be no question as to why many developers do not post here. Thanks to those who were positive and made some logical comments ... In time these comments will be bearers of fruit. Unfortunately for many here, they are going to be very bitter."

At this point nobody has any idea when this game will come out. It could be Q4 2007 or sometime in 2008. Rumor has it that we'll get another chance to see Too Human at Min-E3. As long as it doesn't chug at 25 frames per second, it'll be a vast improvement over last E3.

[via CVG]

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